Asphalt Pavement Sealer

Coal Tar and Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealers are tough, durable, modified flexible coatings which protect asphalt pavement from oxidation, as well as water, salt, and chemical penetration and is fuel resistant, adding years to pavement service life.

  • Provides a smooth deep black color that protects pavement from damaging ultraviolet rays and is highly resistant to oil, fuel, salt, and other contaminants.

  • Protects Pavement From Oxidation

  • Prevents Moisture Penetration

  • Resists Fuel

  • Increases Pavement Life


Pavement sealer protects the pavement by forming a tough flexible coating over the surface. Unprotected asphalt surfaces are vulnerable to the destructive effects of water, oxygen, chemicals, salts, fuel, and oil. These elements weaken, destroy, and soften the asphalt binder. The pavement ages, loses flexibility, and may crack prematurely creating the need for patching and major repair. Asphalt sealer stands between the pavement and the elements while it seals in the strength and resilience of the pavement. It prolongs the useful life of the original pavement by keeping the surface intact, flexible, and alive.

Asphalt pavement sealer is maintenance coating which will substantially reduce annual maintenance costs and the cost of extensive pavement repairs. The cost of dirt, dust, and litter removal is cut in half. Painted lines last longer requiring less frequent striping. Expensive patching is significantly reduced while the need for eventual resurfacing is greatly delayed or almost eliminated. Statistics over a 15 year period show that a regular application of pavement sealer results in maintenance cost savings of 42%-50% compared with a similar unprotected pavement. A proper application of pavement sealer doubles the life of sound asphalt surfaces and is a minor expense when compared with the cost of replacement.
The dark charcoal black color improves the appearance of new and old asphalt pavements. Unprotected asphalt surfaces gradually lose their rich black color due to oxidation and weathering. In time the pavement will begin to look rough, dull, and gray. An application of pavement sealer makes the pavement look uniform again. Rough spots, patches, oil spots, small cracks, and surface depressions seam to disappear. The pavement stays cleaner because rainfall washes dirt and debris from the smooth non-porous surface. Traffic lines become more visible. Pavement sealer beautifies asphalt surfaces and helps to create a favorable impression and image with customers, employees, and the general public.
Asphalt pavement sealer may be applied to any sound asphalt pavement. New pavements must be allowed to cure prior to application. Specific application procedures and the rate of application is governed by the age of the pavement, the condition of the asphalt, the weather, and the amount of traffic the pavement will receive. Silica sand generally is added to the pavement sealer when additional traction is desired or when specified. The coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers we use meet and exceed all requirements of the U.S. Air Force, the FAA, and the Federal Government Specification ASTM D-5727 (formerly R-P-355e).